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11-18-2012, 11:05 AM
I would like to point out that several of the off-duty options available Fed-side are in fact used as *UNIFORM* parts on many if not most of the MOBs you see on Qo'nos as well as the Fleet Starbases.

Particularly the various robe tops, but combined with shoulder and sash options (Including Great Hall guards and Worf). I also often see "Mercinary" arm, belt, and leg options added to our Starbase NPC's base KDF uniforms.

So no, I don't want "off-duty" uniforms.

I want Fed "off-duty" robes and Fed "off-duty" mercenary options (as seen on MANY of my Fleet's Starbase NPCs) added to our choices for our base uniforms.

ADD robe top options and Mercinary accessories to our base uniform.

ADD more of the species-specific options to our base options (again, as seen on our Starbase NPCs)
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