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11-18-2012, 11:35 AM
Granting the 1 click dailies were an exploit but unless ur a regular forum reader here I don't think they were as widely known about as has been infered. Been here since f2p and only found out about them 3 months ago. Fleetmates who have been here over a year had no idea they exsisted. Dstahl claims were not hitting our dilith refining caps like they would like. What I would like to see is an alternative, a game incentive for players to log in, especially casual players with only 1-2 hours they can log in.


Login u get a pop up announcement
Welcome to Star Trek Online try our new mini mission.
(Aka something like the nagus daily mission, reward 480 dilith and 50 Fleet marks)

This would be seperate from the investigate officer daily.
This would help casual players with little time feel like they are able to help out their fleets even if they are unable to invest a lot of time in game due to real life.
And who knows they might enjoy playing and decide to stick around.