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11-18-2012, 12:00 PM
No problems with the changes here. Even with them, I still PUG just fine in my paper thin Raptor and running Elites with a group of players who know what they are doing still results in all optionals pretty much guaranteed.

Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
For anyone who says well this is how it needs to be! well I got news for you. The playerbase and the system of how STFs are set up doesn't work with your fantasy borg on hard mode, not when you can get stuck with any number of bad ship combos for the task.
So you are suggesting that any group of noobs with any random ship configuration should be able to walk into an Elite event and own the place? There's already a place for that. Normal STFs and pretty much every other area of this game. What do we need then for people who do want a challenge, Super Elite? And guess who will show up there and complain it's too hard.