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11-18-2012, 12:01 PM
Do you know what? I had this massive in-depth post all planned out. Now, I am not going to even bother. "Star Trek: Online" has some serious issues, and I think it has to do with its developers. As a result of all the resource requirements piling up, while their availability is lacking, I predict "Star Trek: Online" will be closing doors by the spring of 2013. Unless they move this game out of grindfest hell, people will just move onto better and more rewarding things. Time for feedback is over. Its time for Cryptic to take some serious action. I am not waiting for season eight.

Don't get me started on those hellish progress timers, for they are also a game stopping mechanic.

High resource requirements, expensive and lacking resources, lacking of rewards, nerfed content, and long progress timers have made this game boring. Cryptic has no clue what love and fun are all about.

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