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11-18-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by l0cutus359 View Post
If STO is "lighter" in the grind department than be it. I dont want to play WOW with a Star Trek flavor.

I have played most if not all the Star Trek games; I am looking for a good story, content, plot, whatever other term fits with those. I am a Trekkie first, gamer 2nd, MMO Grinder is way down the list.

I don't want to grind excessively like WOW. Season 7 reminds of Cartman in Southpark where they were in his basement for weeks on end killing sheep (or whatever they were) in WOW so they could rank/gear up to beat the uber nemesis in the cod piece.

I am willing to work for loot, but I don't have time for this current model.

about 90% of the people in this game share the same view... and frankly if I was an MMO nut there are a million better MMO's out there.