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11-18-2012, 12:59 PM
Thanks all, I'm really enjoying discovering the many things to learn and do in STO!

What about doffs and boffs? I currently only have 4 bridge slots. Does that mean I have to lose one in order to get new ones? Or can I "demote" the ones I want to save for later (ie. when I switch to a cruiser and a more tanky playstyle someday, can I save my current unused engineer boffs)?

Do the doff assignments yield anything that will help in endgame, that I can't get anywhere else? I'm enjoying sending them out anyway, but wondering if I should aim for something specific. I gather that some can reward very rare officers, but do these necessary to succeed in endgame?

Can reputation gains be respecced? If I start grinding rep with Romulan Star Empire and/or Task Force Omega now, and choose DPS abilities while I'm leveling up, can I switch them to tank abilities when I get to level 45?

Is the loot in temporal lock boxes worth buying keys for?

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