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Originally Posted by bumbleduck View Post
OK, so you just object to her sexiness. You, sir, are a prude of the first order.
Sexiness has a time and a place. But when you're in uniform (well, half in uniform) as a Starfleet officer, especially in combat and apparently having just jumped out of a shuttle, sexy is not appropriate. The time to draw attention to feminine attributes is when you're being a woman first and foremost i.e. intimate social gatherings. If they had drawn her standing with a cocktail glass in a dark club? Fine. Cleavage ahoy. But NOT when you're on duty and in imminent peril. A real person in that situation wouldn't be trying to advertise, she would be trying to stay alive. To draw particular attention to the fact that the character is a well endowed female even when it has no relevance to the situation she's in, is in fact detrimental to the situation she's in, is what is objectionable.