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11-18-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Yep. Fix the Qin pivot, and put together a 3-variant of it, sharing customization options with the existing Qin/Birok. Make sure it lives up to the two descriptions we have - hard core hull (based on ENT Sleeping Dogs) and deadly front arc (from the in-game descriptions of the class the shipyard requisition contact gives you)

Personally I would make the tac version with a console that gives it a single-target Disruptor Autocannon (similar to the Bortasqu'), an eng version that gives it a Coherent Molecular Alloy console for a hull buff of some kind. For Science, I sadly don't see anything in the notes on our one and only hard canon example of Raptors we have. I'd love it if those consoles could be used on any Qin (including Fleet) but I doubt it would happen that way.

I suspect, however, that a BoP will be more likely the Dev's reply to a Vesta.
Hey, I PREFER the Bird of Prey to Raptors and BC's...they just need to NOT use the same art-guy that cranked out the Hoh'sus.

We know that, from the Hoh'sus, it's POSSIBLE to have 3-3-4 Console layout, and we know from the Fleet Norgh it's not game-breaking to have Com, LTC,, LTC, LT Uni slots.

for a "K'Vort" the two concepts should merge, granting us a true upgrade to the class and ship-type.