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I have returned!

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What about doffs and boffs? I currently only have 4 bridge slots. Does that mean I have to lose one in order to get new ones? Or can I "demote" the ones I want to save for later (ie. when I switch to a cruiser and a more tanky playstyle someday, can I save my current unused engineer boffs)?
You currently have 4 slots. I believe you will get more as you level. You can buy more from the Zen store. When you requisition BOffs (or gain them as a reward) you have to manually join them to your crew. Otherwise they sit ... somewhere ... where you can look at their traits/skills/abilities.

I'm not sure if you can demote them to save later. I do not think so. I have on this board that you really do not even need to replace any white BOffs (common) with higher rarity BOffs. That is personal choice though.

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Do the doff assignments yield anything that will help in endgame, that I can't get anywhere else? I'm enjoying sending them out anyway, but wondering if I should aim for something specific. I gather that some can reward very rare officers, but do these necessary to succeed in endgame?
Yes, they will help in your game now. Assign a few to your bridge and they may provide buffs or procs, depending on the DOff. Here I strongly recommend you actually *read* the DOffs dossier. It may be a lot of reading (and some have interesting quotes), but it will be worth the time investment, I think.

Ultimately, DOffs are a mini-game that is not required at all. They and a dimension to the game that can be a source of stress AND fun at the same time. STO Wiki is a very valuable resource to help

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Can reputation gains be respecced? If I start grinding rep with Romulan Star Empire and/or Task Force Omega now, and choose DPS abilities while I'm leveling up, can I switch them to tank abilities when I get to level 45?
Someone at that level will need to speak up on this question. Good one too because I would like to know myself!

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Is the loot in temporal lock boxes worth buying keys for?
Powderkeg question. Read around here and you may get the impression *NO*. For my part, I disagree. In my career I may have gotten about 20 LB and 3 of them had Temporal ships which I sold on the Exchange (because I do not want to use one). EC prices mean nothing to me know. I have also gotten my entire DOff compliment through Lockboxes and plenty of upgrades I was able to use or sell for even more EC. For my game I have had no problem spending the what ... $25 ... for a positive experience with them so far.

Lockboxes are a fact of the game. You do not need what is inside them. So you should decide if you want to spend money on the game or not. If yes, then just do it. If no, then don;t! I do not mean to saound trite about it, but it is that simple (to me).

What you could do is buy a set of 10 keys. Open the first 10 LB you get. If you like it, then rock on. If not, then all you spent was $11.25 to try something. That is the price of a decent meal plus drink at a place like Applebees.

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