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11-18-2012, 03:06 PM
unlockble multi-spec options

Right now if you want to switch between existing or experimental specs, you have to always pay either your free-respec tokens, or some sort of payment that makes respecing a very risky idea.

As it stands now, if you wanna do well in this game you only have 2 spec options for any realistic abilities, and both are almost pure solo game play styles. DPS High End fast killing or personal survivability tank spec (not true threat management tank).

As this game stands now, if you spec a True Threat/Agro Management Tank an as True to Heal spec in this game, your a dead player.

Without Multi spec, the option of experimenting is far to costly to the player to try anything new for very long at all, cause the need for survival or High End DPS will out weigh the desire to experiment with other spec options in a more team role based play style.

Any players who foster any sort of advance teamwork that can utilize the high end extremes of a True Tank or True healer to the best of those abilities quickly find them selves out of luck cause next to no player wants to spec into something that will get them killed solo.

Simply changing bridge officers wont be enough when you cant afford to change your skills tree spec, and you would have to personally choose either Survival or highend DPS just to keep the game fun for your self.