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11-18-2012, 02:06 PM
I have similar problems, if i do not run the launcher via proxy (as chosen in the options menu) the launcher wont ever finish connecting, until timed out. When the game starts, it has on occasions frozen on the cryptic logo, but mostly in wont connect to the account server, and then time out, on two occasions have i made it to the character selection menu, but from there it cant connect to the game server. I am getting tired of these issues, when i actually could play, about two days ago, i was constantly bothered with "server not responding" or connection lost, and i have high speed broadband so there is absolutely no issue with the connection. I am staggered by Cryptic's inability to address these issues.

It's not only connection problems, i am experiencing the same bugs in the Cardassian Struggles episodes like Second Wave and Boldly they Rode, that i'v encountered a year ago. With the amount of money Cryptic makes on their games you would thing they'd be actually willing to fix them. I am seriously concerned.

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