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Originally Posted by mrdarksabre View Post
Now this post just really annoyed me. If you don't like the Foundry then fine, don't use it, at no point in the game are you forced to interact with it. However, a significant amount of the playerbase are in fact interested in playing or creating Foundry missions, and if what they enjoy does not negatively impact you, then they should be allowed to continue.

Your allowed not to care about the Foundry, but I must ask then why you would go out of your way to make that opinion known on a thread where the Foundry's survival is the main topic.
Originally Posted by neos472 View Post
sir that is really rude i like the foundry the fact that it is down does make me sad since i have been wanting to play some foundry missions since S7 came out but i can wait and i can understand why it could take up to 2 weeks for all of the missions to be republished: there are so many mission on the foundry.

Simply put we will have to wait. I am sad not getting to play foundry mission and be wowed by player creativity but hey that's how the cookie crumbles.
I never once said that I hate the Foundry. I enjoy playing the missions that you guys make on there. I however do not care for missions that are wall of text missions that take me 2 hours to complete. Those are not fun. 15-20 minute missions are what I play most days, when they were up. I know you all put time and effort into these things and appreciate all of them. But, if it is going to come down to the point that those are the only missions that we can play for our dillithium, then I will stop playing them all together.
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