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Originally Posted by anticlonus View Post
Now I heal really really well, especially if the person(s) I'm healing are doing the basics such as TT1, or simply redirecting shield power (After going heals, I noticed just how FEW players do this)
LOL. Yeah, I've found that having two Tac Teams is the handiest thing on a heal boat to cast on other people. Sometimes it's just bad timing with that person having TT in cooldown at the wrong moment, but lots of times people don't really know about it and slot other things instead.

Originally Posted by januhull View Post
This thing just doesn't know how to die. A whole raft of creative ways to stave off death with enough crowd control and healing abilities to be a proper science boat. I'm actually shocked not to hear more crying about the introduction of the WoW Pally-bubble to STO.
There's already two (one Fed, one KDF) ships with invincible (or nearly so) turtle modes, and both can do limited fire during it. So, a turtle mode without fire isn't so big a deal, particularly since you have to take at least a slight hit to either base tanking or base DPS with having to slot three of them. Effectively making you one slot less than the other two, which are 9 console (except the Fed's fleet refit) but need only one console for the turtle mode.