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11-18-2012, 02:42 PM
Whats really cheesy but good for lols is to use the new and improved maco to diable a target and VM them just for extra make sure, followed by a nice AMS up close and then a dispersal and HY or spread of your trico torp as well. Its basically the three minute cooldown one finger salute. I might switch over to that setup permanently if my children's toys mission keeps throwing more purple trico consoles at me.

The reason they hurt so much more now is the behavior that popped up sometime in season 6 that if a kinetic weapon got through your shield it dealt full damage as if your shield hadnt been there. Where as before the shield % reduce on kinetic had still applied to the device that dropped the shield. So now its if one of the trico weapons dropped a shield its got a good shot at killing the ship, if there are more after it just get ready for the respawn button if the person knew what they were doing and caught you unaware.

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