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11-18-2012, 02:56 PM
As stated there are many theories, some semi-official, some not - if I recall correctly in the Japanese Star Trek comics it was implied that it happened as a result of the actions of the original Enterprise or something like that; I forget the details.

The one that STO seems to espouse is the V'ger theory - you can find this by looking at Red Alerts. The instakill torp is virtually identical to V'ger's instakill weapon, and perhaps more importantly the mothership references V'ger in the combat logs - I forget the precise name, but it's in there, or at least used to be.

That said, I personally find it unlikely Q actually created the Borg. If anything, he may be trying to STOP the Borg. If you look at it in a longer cycle, it could be argued that Q "encouraging" the first contact with the Borg actually saved humanity and the Federation, instead of the Borg catching them by complete surprise.