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11-18-2012, 03:10 PM
I finally gave up on my Gal X, which was to be the only ship my first toon was to command. Its just too slow and fat, and I feel like I can never get its Spinal Lance off when I wanted to. I never cloaked with it, took it into PvP once and had my noob ass handed to me with inferior gear.

I wanted a more agile ship to bear the Zorro name. I created my third toon, a Sci, knowing Al planned on making the Vesta class a sci ship. But when they announced the Tac version too, with its deflector phaser, I knew Captain Conquest had his new Zorro! I then created my only Eng toon, Capt Rider (who was Conquest's XO) to get use out of the third ship in the pack. I renamed the Gal X to USS Diego de la Vega, just in case Al gives me a reason to pull him out of mothballs. But my hopes are no longer up. Separation means nothing to me, that ship shouldnt separate as a tactical manuever IMO.
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