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11-18-2012, 03:16 PM
My Vote goes for bad.

Stf's have been killed by the loss of drops, reduction in dil and the reputation system. I've been logging in and struggling to do anything productive other than change characters and keep up with doffs. Occasionally run the odd stf and then feel like i haven't achieved anything during that run as i see no physical reward i.e loot drops only a time gate that prevents me from advancing for 40 hrs.

There is too much grind and it is going to cause player fatigue.

Star bases, Embassies and reputation system. Its too much. The FUN has been taken out of the game. Yes the mechanics of a stf are the same but the pleasure of getting a proto-tech drop or proto-salvage has gone and now, its a through the motions feeling as there's no buzz to look forward to at the end of the match. Whether it was a good drop or a bad drop.

The reptuation system is a joke i level up to the tier then have to complete another project to open the store then for each item i want i have to run a 40 hr time gated project which requires resources.
So rather than skill, co-ordination, team work and i little luck with the drops in S6 i now have to pay to. pay to. pay to. to pay get an item. Thats my time, project 1 project 2 project 3 and the resources required to fill these projects.

Doff's i would contribute all my whites to fleet projects but i'm hesitate to allow any doffs to go now due to the price increase for them.

PWE you're selling you're model to the wrong market. In the Western World we play our games as a way to relax, de-stress and escape for a moment for the real world. Not logon to work.