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First off, I'm loving season 7 so far and I want to thank the devs for listening to our feedback this time around.

I would really like to see the Reputation system be made available at a lower rank, maybe Lieutenant Commander/Commander for KDF. This would give lower ranked players and people with Alts the chance to get a head start on the Rep system. This would require opening up many of the New Romulus and Tau Dewa sector block missions and dailies to the lower levels as well. I'm not suggesting you make the gear in the Rep store available at the lower ranks, they would still have to wait to reach VA/LG to obtain the gear.

I would also like to see either the timer shortened to maybe 20hrs or an additional version of each project available that requires more marks but with a shorter timer. That way people with less resources could still do the projects with the longer timers but people with more resources or who have more time to spend obtaining marks can invest more into the system for a shorter timer.