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11-18-2012, 03:33 PM
its kind of stupid the way they have the system now..
you grind the estfs, then you get the gear you need to do estfs..

i would much prefer that estfs were locked out until you hit t4 and was able to get the gear..
they should make the normal how elite is in drops and make elite better.. give us something to work towards.

so many times i join an estf and 3 of the 5 people dont have gear and they die 50 times .. it makes the team lose.. specially cse..

oh nobody does normal stfs anymore.. the loot sucks..

really the way it is now is backwards.. you have to grind estfs to get stf gear?

and not like it was, where you maybe had to do some normal stfs for a week to get xi gear, then estfs for like a month to get a full set of xii gear.. you gotta start doing estfs with NO stf gear.

the system now will take months before you can even get the xi set.
plus 100s of thousands of dilithium, ec and xp