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Originally Posted by vyktori View Post
weylandjuarez, setting up a carrier and ignoring the pets might be alright for things like the Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier, where the ship is still an escort. However, the Atrox is pretty much meant to be a primary carrier, having the pets do the work. It maneuvers like a pig dragging a refrigerator through the mud. Any sort of forward facing weapons like DHC would rarely ever line up. Even broadsiding is hard to do with that thing. I've put the same weapons on a normal ship, the Mirror Sci Vessel thing... and even that kills faster and that was like 60k EC from the exchange, not 25$ from the zen shop.

cynder2012, it seems like the bigger ships aren't quite as bad, but I have the worst luck with my fighters. They glob together on the same section of a cube for example. They stay pressed against it, hopefully firing weapons, but I can't always tell. The moment the cube pops, I lose all my pets. If they would stay at range and fly around, it would be a lot nicer, both cosmetically and functionally. I know it isn't permanent, but the 60k+ Dilithium to get 2 sets of adv stalkers isn't so easy to replace. That's 4 days with 2 characters refining the limit, just to buy replacement ships and nothing else. I just feel like the main problem is the AI. Next time I'm on, I'll take a screenshot to show how stupid my fighters are <______<
yeah i see what you mean, it seems the AI for the KDF pets works just fine now, but the Feds are crap lol. i just ran my Atrox in one of the borg DSEs and they do like to cluster around the ships and yeah, now with all the nerfs to dilth it takes along time to get the dilth back if you got the advanced stalkers.

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I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p