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11-18-2012, 05:04 PM
Unless they allow the Galaxy X to use the saucer seperation console from the Galaxy refit, I don't like the idea. That would essentially negate any reason to purchase the Galaxy refit, and I think that would piss off a lot of Galaxy fanboys. I personally don't see a good reason for a Galaxy X to seperate because of that big freaking cannon they attached to the bottom of it. My primary uses a Galaxy X, and I find it to be a damn good ship. I allocate a lot of power to weapons, so it can't take as many hits as most of your Galaxy X's out there, but I can dish out a lot of damage, and I have most of my abilities allocated to fix the survivability issues. I love my Galaxy X, and even when it shows up as an NPC, it's still a badass ship. I was playing Hive Onslaught (Elite) and a Galaxy X showed up to fight the Queen when someone popped their fleet support. That ship really made the difference during that battle.