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11-18-2012, 04:05 PM
I want to note that while I do use an Intel integrated card on my lappy, I have by no means any illusions as to what it can and can't run.

However, this is not an issue of some new effect or graphical upgrade being introduced and my computer just not being up to snuff any more: what the S7 patch has done in terms of any new graphical upgrade is a complete mystery to me, and yet I'm suffering a bug where my computer will simply hard restart itself without any warning (or even a BSOD) after ten or so minutes of STO play.

My lappy has never had any real issues whatsoever with STO before this patch, in fact unless I was playing an intense PvP map on Solar Wind or something, I used to use medium-high graphics settings and play quite happily. A new upgrade is one thing, but to go from playing flawlessly -> interminable crashing? Really?

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