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11-18-2012, 05:36 PM
They nerfed my "Ker-Chunk WHAM!" those those those... GRRRRRRRR!

Second only to the Bat-leth for me as a KDF weapon of choice...

It means I never got to do the Immortal scene..

Roach. ROACH..


Feddy in wire, Warrior.. Feddy in the wire!

*in the distance* Hey Lobster head, betcha cant hiit.. yea.. not even safe to stick your outnumber skull ridge where we can see it.. Go home Lobster head go home!

Roach.. he's close *anxiously*

Yea, I know *Roach wraps his arm around the sling of his launcher, elevates the tube, and fires.

Foooomp! Ker-Chunk....... Wham!

*Ha! you call they shooting... my dead grandmother can shoot better then that and for that matter better then your entire benighted....

*Roach makes a small correction*

Foooomp! Ker-Chunk....... Wham!

*the shouting breaks off at the sound of the detonation, followed by a long agonizing scream with a short sobbing death rattle. Satisfaction shows in Warrior Roach's face.

General Stahl of the KDF who just witnissed the phenominal display of skill and markmanship turns to Roach...

Warrior! Who commands here?

The warrior known as Roach looks up before blugging his earphones back in with a puzzled look and replys...

Aren't you.... sir?

*end scene shot of Bird of prey shooting asteroid drifts at very high speed with a cargo palet on a tractor teather with shouting warriors, obviously enjoying them selves while they ride it with no other protection other then thier enviorment suits. The nusic of the Rolling Stones song "Satisfaction" plays in the backround while the warriors sing along with Mic Jagger in Klingonasse