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Originally Posted by lnblade View Post
You don't even need the 10% Rule. Infected space is literally impossible to fail, because your main objective is to destroy all Borg ships and structures in the system.
While you're correct that Infected has no fail condition like Cure and Khitomer does, and so technically you can't 'lose', the problem is if people don't bring enough DPS to the party or don't observe the 10% rule if they aren't damage dealers, Infected can become a hard slog and you CAN end in a stalemate - especially if people get fed up and leave.

I've been in PUGs that didn't observe the 10% rule and we've won, either because the entire party is full of tacs running escorts (this happened last night) or we just kept perservering even when one supposed-elite player got fed up and called us all noobs and left us in the lurch. THAT game lasted over an hour.

A similar game to that last one had too many people depart while at the same time no-one left could bring enough damage to bear or they were off chasing regular spheres instead of the nanite ones. I played a game like that just before the servers went down for the S7 launch. I even said at the start '10% rule' and nobody replied to me. Considering it was like 10mins to the server shut down, and we had gotten stuck at the first transformer which was swarming with nanite spheres and nobody was targeting them, I figured I may as well abort; but even if that weren't an issue, I'd hate to play a game like that for over an hour before people figured out what they had to do. While the 10% rule is not always necessary, I have to disagree that you don't need it or don't need to be aware of it.