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# 1 STF loot tables.
11-18-2012, 05:40 PM
As it is right now stfs have no unique loot drops, only omega marks, and neural processors. What I suggest is an adjustment to the BOSS mob drops, I know on tribble they are adding basic loot drops to stf mobs, thats cool, but I wanna see unique fluff, to drive people to do stfs when they don`t need marks to keep the FUN factor up.

Add non consumable combat pets and/or non combat pets that are unique, or cosmetic gear, costumes, playable shuttles, consumables: such as unique combined large batteries, an so on,
Whatever fluff the devs can dream up, give some of em hard drop rates, like 1% on the shuttle.

My idea is to add fluff to PvE combat Boss mobs to add the element of surprise when you kill it. Right now its Boom hes dead an I got marks which I don`t need, I don`t feel compelled to run stfs for dilithium or marks, I like the anticipation of drops that are unique.

POST HERE IF YOU AGREE !! or post your ideas, but lets keep from conversation about what cryptic has done that people don`t agree on, lets focus on what will help with the FUN FACTOR, which is why we play !!