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11-18-2012, 05:02 PM
Teamwork and a balanced group are critical to beating Hive Onslaught-unlike the older STFs, you actually NEED toons other than Tacs and ships other than Escorts on the team if you want to beat it-or even complete it.

running up and sqirting 4 DHC's and 3 Turrets on max from your escort, without a team healer and a guy running de-buffs on the target? BAD IDEA. Outrunning your team healer to where he can't extend shields or send you healing is ALSO a bad idea. The Borg in this mission will EAT you. Ditto for all would-be Kirks out there-your team is, in Hive Onslaught, your lifeline and going off by yourself is just a short trip to respawn (and on elite, expensive respawn as you MUST fix damage that accrues!)

I've run this with Tac, and Sci toons-the mission fails when nobody works together, or when vital functions aren't covered (healing, damage, AND de-buffing!!)

I've run it in BoPs, Carriers, and Cruisers-and successfully in BoPs(Tac) and Carriers (Sci). Cruiser with a tac? not so much. the worst fails I've seen so far were in one of two directions:

1. All Tacs running escorts and Bops. the universal station is nice for giving you the ability to mimic some Sci power functions of a Science officer, but wihtout the science ability to use sensor analysis you can't cover the function, nor can you cover sub-nucleonic-beam (critical for taking down the Unimatrix ships and the Queen)'s ability to de-buff.

2. 4 Tacs and 1 engie, all cruisers. didn't work. in this case, lack of DPS was the issue, followed by lack of manueverability to close and retreat. the inability to de-buff was keenly felt here too-the Unimatrix ships in the old red-alerts don't use NEARLY as many buffs, de-buffs, CC and holds as these do, and managing spawn under fire without enough team-healing is a real pain, you end up in an endless cycle of trying to keep the spawns from overwhelming you while trying ineffectually to dodge plasma balls and lances.


Mixed teams work best-science, engineering AND tactical, tanks AND healers AND DPS machines-it's a mission that REQUIRES a balanced team to complete, if you're used to ISE (or god help us, ISN) which can be optional-complete with 5 Tacs in Escorts, you're in for a rude shock...which I suspect the OP just got.