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11-18-2012, 06:12 PM
I agree . There needs to be something that wold draw people into the STfs . Right now , i am of the mind that i need marks .. i do ISE once a day , along with the rest of my dailies . i see no reason to do anymore than that . i see no reason to go into the hive .. no point .. nothing there that i can't get out of ISE .

What would of made this better ( imho ) left the stfs the way they were .. i can deal with the retro set going to a 3 piece set and putting the consul into another set . left the Maco and Omega were it was , and in the rep system added the new stuff .. i.e. assimilated mark xi and up and the adapted armor and all the other goodies we got with the rep system. That way you still would of had a reason to go into the stfs and a reason to build up your rep.. AGAIN this is just an opinion .