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11-18-2012, 05:17 PM
here is how you tank

first line of defence- cycling EPtS, that means 2 copies or using damage control doffs or tech doffs with 1 copy

2 line- TSS and TT, and now the new team fortress steamrunner console when receiving heavy fire

3 line- BFI doffs/RSP only when your shields are completely depleted and everything else is cooling down

4th line- running, battle cloaking, invincibility abilities like the karfi, intrepid, Vesta have

use hull heals as necessary, cycling 2 copies of AtS will give you a bunch of full up time damage resistance now too

if your getting majorly shot at, dump as much power to shields and aux as you can, or get ready to run by putting 100 energy into engines. but only run if there are no dedicated healers around
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