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What brings me here? I like to see what new is going down, chat with some of my fellow PvPers, help people with their builds and try to convince the devs that power escalation is ruining the game.

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I guess it takes all kinds to bash players and find joy in other people's unhappiness. And here I thought it was PvPers who had it out for everyone else. Turns out it isn't just one subset bringing the hate. The hate comes from everywhere.
A lot of genre fandom is full of emotionally immature people with a chip on their shoulder sadly, probably lackiing in the basics such as empathy and sympathy. Just look at the over the top nerdrage about ME3's ending. Yes it was rubbish (as a big ME fan I was really annoyed), but the sheer venom and batsh** insanity of rabid fans was way way out of proportion. No wonder the Doctors left Bioware.
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