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11-18-2012, 05:59 PM
U.S.S. Dubois! named after a Town in Southern Idaho.
U.S.S. Bannock! Named after an Indian Tribe and a County in South Idaho.
U.S.S. Cache! named after The Valley in North Utah that i was born and Raised in!
I.S.S. Minidoka! named after a County in South Idaho!
I.S.S. Cassia! named after a Town in south Idaho.
U.S.S.Yamato! named after The Original Yamato that was destroyed in The TNG Episode Contagion. In fact I have a Shuttle Named after The First Yamato`s Captain
U.S.S. Varley! named after The First Yamato`s captain Donald Varley!
U.S.S. Rising Star! named after The Luxury Ship on The 70s Battlestar Galactica.
U.S.S. Kamchatka! named after a Piece of land in Russia.
U.S.S. Warsaw! named after a City in Poland!
U.S.S. Kendra! named after The Valley on Bajor in which The Kendra Valley Massacre happened!
I.K.S. Trypticon! named after The Dinosaur Transformer in The 80s Transformers.
A.K.S. Rattbatt! named after a Transformer from The 80s.
I.K.S. Inferno! named after one of My favorite Disaster Movies! The Towering Inferno.
I.K.S. Devastator! named after a WEapon from The N64 Game Perfect Dark.
A.K.S. Onslaught! named after a Decepticon from The 80s.