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# 1 Patience, Daniel-san!!
11-18-2012, 06:19 PM
So many upset people because if dilithium in season 7. People saying that the game is now a grind, that starbases have stopped and that STO has become a second job.

My question is what's the rush?!

It seems that people are in a mad rush to do everything NOW! My question is why? Why not take time to look around, see the galaxy, explore somewhere you haven't before?

Do people have a set date past which they can't play, necessitating the need to unlock everything at breakneck speeds? Are people rushing to get things before other players? Must immediate gratification be the ultimate goal?

Firstly, if you set date past which you can't play past (terminal disease, moving to the South Pole, leaving Earth) then I can understand your rush and sympathise.

Secondly, if you're trying to beat other players then surely you must understand that they're in the same boat as you're in. In that case you're never going to beat someone who can spend more time or more money on the game. Same as before season 7.

When I was growing up I had to earn things by working and saving for what I wanted. If there were delays, such as me having other expenses or the price of what I wanted going up, I took it on the chin. My parents were proud of that mentality as they told me it displayed maturity.

Out of all the games I've ever seen where you needed to earn and unlock stuff, I've found STO to be the most generous. Regardless of whether the game was PC, Xbox or playstation, STO seemed to give stuff up faster. Now it seems that STO is following suit from all the other games I've seen.

How about instead of being angry at this change we show maturity and be thankful that we had it so good for so long? Remember, the new players coming after us won't ever have the chance to accumulate like we've had.