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# 11 Saurians/Letheans
11-18-2012, 07:25 PM
I read your old post grouchy and appreciate your reply but none of it addresses the plain simple fact that I no longer have what I paid for. I purchased Very Rare Saurians and Letheans which I no longer have. Also there is a huge difference in price if nothing else between a rare and a very rare. I notice too that noone is addressing the Lethean side of this . Common Cryptic. Get your act together and fix this. I dont want to hear anymore lame excuses why it doesnt matter or that its low prority. I paid alot of ec for these Boffs and I will continue to post daily on this subject until corrected. If its above the dev heads to correct this issue than please deposit 20 mil ec in my account within the next week and ill drop the whole thing. If I have to continue wasting my time posting in these forums to get satifaction then I feel the compensation should go up thus the 1 week time frame. Let this post be a warning to others that it seems acceptable for the devs to take something that you have purchased and downgrade it with no reason. I havent even mentioned the 2 very rare weapons that im missing or the fact that my qin heavy raptor only has 2 aft weapon slots now. I dont currently use the weapons or that ship. You can have them . Its not worth the fight to get them fixed. But I do use these Boffs and im not going to forget about it.