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11-18-2012, 06:30 PM
While some people get hung up on the uniform, I don't care. Imagine her in a full TNG uniform. She would still be insulting.

Why? First, that vacant open mouthed stare that says she's not all there. That look, and looking at the viewer makes no sense at all in her presumed situation. Its not an emotionless Vulcan look.

Second, what the heck is her hair doing? It is not moving away from her path of motion, its blowing in the wind in an unnecessary over-glamorized effect. Oh yeah, and how often did we see a Vulcan with her hair resembling that in Star Trek? Only in the Mirror Universe.

Third, she has a phaser ready to fire but she doesn't look where she is aiming. She doesn't think its important. Anyone handling a weapon like that had better still be in basic training. Too bad she has captain pips.

Fourth, why is she falling? That doesn't look elegant, graceful, or any sort of badass.

Fifth, she is clearly wearing a lot of makeup. But she's on duty? And a vulcan?

So who cares what she is wearing when everything else is wrong? The pose, the physics, the look, the scene is all ridiculous and when you combine everything together it makes her look like a sex object and nothing more, because she clearly isn't being portrayed as a badass, competent, thinking, Vulcan captain in Starfleet.

She's nothing but Trek flavored eye candy in that picture. That is why it is offensive. If she were more than just eye candy, it would be fine, but nothing in the picture indicates that.