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11-18-2012, 07:39 PM
That's adding fuel on the fire. Don't. The forums don't need that. People are frustrated because Cryptic want them to be frustrated so that they keep playing the game for some time: see why they complain, they want to achieve specific goals badly, and the more they say that's unfair the more they'll keep playing STO.

I'm glad you're not a blind hater but don't be a blind supporter either. Frustration is a part of their MMO buisness and some may not understand that they are psychologically manipulated by game designers and have very aggressive reactions. Season 7 doesn't reward hardcore players, it rewards patience and not efforts, no matter what, even if you do many efforts.

That's frustrating for some people because they're used to hear that if they work hard enough to get stuff they'll get it. No doubt it's just bad ethics, because it prompts you to slave over crappy stuff for more stupid, useless and ridiculous stuff, even and especially IRL, but that's what people are used to, and that's not how season 7 works.