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Based on the cringe worthy "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men', I will keep my money thanks.
My only real problem with Of Gods and Men was that they tried to cram too many TOS tie-ins into one production, leading the plot to feel disjointed. However, what I found good about it was the fact that an independent production crew, allbeit one with limited resources to work with, were able to bring so many veteran Trek actors from three series to the table, some reprising familiar and loved roles. A fitting tribute to Star Trek if you ask me.

I do believe that Renegades is worth funding. Many have been asking for new official Star Trek programming post-voyager and in the prime universe. Tim Russ and the production crew are committed to producing that.

Their goal for this funding is to be able to do two things: To be able to produce the pilot of their planned web series while retaining full creative freedom, and to show that there is a strong enough interest in seeing it done that people will pledge real money for it. They can pitch a finished product to CBS, requiring no studio budgeting for an experiment. If CBS approves the production of a web series... or a possible TV series... then CBS will then allocate funds for production.

They stand a good chance at hitting the goal. In just 4 days since I posted this thread, an additional $19,763.00 has been pledged. They still need to raise $36,029.00 in the next 7 days. It is doable.

Web series or whatever, I personally want to see an official Star Trek production set in the prime universe that is not a prequel. And you know? I wouldn't even care if its visual effects were limited to TOS-quality effects. It would be Star Trek, and it would be something new.
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