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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
As much as I may or may not agree, look at what they based it off of. They based it off of the Starbase system, which is supposed to be a long term investment, something you do a little of every day. The same goes for this new rep system. It's a long term investment, not a shoot up to tier 5 in 3 days kind of thing.

THe problem with this is, Starbase projects take time in part because materials require SOME effort to get.

then the timers.

Reputation, That's ALL Timers.

I've got enough materials for the ten missions, EASILY enough to get into tier three, nearly 1000 Omega Marks and 600 Romulan Marks.

I agree that you're not supposed to rip through this, but when the only thing slowing you down is a timer and not effort spent gathering amterial, it's annoying and an obvious time sink.

Like I said before, make the little missions shorter and increase the length of the upgrade missions.