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Originally Posted by mikey5time View Post
actors have other options, they don't need to be begging their fans for 10s of dollars.
It depends. If they own their own studio and staff it with people who wouldn't mind working on a volunteer basis, yes.

Tim Russ is not just a Star Trek actor. He is also a Star Trek fan. As I understand it, he generally goes out of his way to make sure the fans are entertained when he does conventions. His dedication to Of Gods and Men, whether we like the result or not, demonstrates that he cares about his work, even if it is for an independent crew.

It is the fans who keep Trek alive. And a fan is at the helm of a project with its sights set on not just keeping Trek alive, but on advancing the mythos. And really. In terms of producing a pilot episode, $200,000.00 is not that much, considering that most regular episodes in a series generally cost a lot more than that.

All they need is a solid proof-of-concept in the form of this pilot, and CBS could grant them a production budget to go forward with the web series. The ensemble case of Veteran Trek actors that are already on board may sell the deal with the CBS execs. It's a gamble, no doubt about it.

Like I said above, I hope it happens because it would be official Star Trek and it would be something new.
I personally want a Star Trek game that is actually Star Trek. On a qualitative level that could be a lot of different things for a lot of different people. But on a quantitative level, if the developers were to watch star trek and make the game like what they see, then at least it will be a shot in the right direction, as far as I am concerned.