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11-18-2012, 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
My question is what's the rush?!

It seems that people are in a mad rush to do everything NOW!
Personally I don't want to have everything now; but I do want to be making progress now. I want to play and have that time count toward these uber-goals which promise all kinds of great things. But we don't get that. Our progress is metered through a time gate that says we can only do this much and then we're done. I have hundreds of surplus marks which are quite literally useless, because everything I might do with them is grinding along at a glacial pace.

Basically the frustration with the time aspect is that everybody is being artificially limited to a snail's pace for no good reason. I have resources, let me use them!

Are people rushing to get things before other players?
And if they are? Who cares? If I have more disposable time than Joe Smith who only plays half an hour each Monday after dinner, what possible basis is there for slowing me down to his pace?

When I was growing up I had to earn things by working and saving for what I wanted. If there were delays, such as me having other expenses or the price of what I wanted going up, I took it on the chin. My parents were proud of that mentality as they told me it displayed maturity.
Except the parallel here is that you're trying to save for something and you're only allowed to put in 1$ per week no matter how much work you actually did and how much money you actually earned. Shouldn't the kid mowing everybody's lawns for 30$ a week get to his goal faster than the kid who can only contribute loose change that he picked up off the sidewalk???

Remember, the new players coming after us won't ever have the chance to accumulate like we've had.
Which is a disincentive to start new characters. Why would I want to start over with nothing, when I know that I am being deliberately and arbitrarily held back.