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11-18-2012, 08:17 PM
Yeah, I can understand that the Federation wasn't meant to have carriers, but what's the point of nerfing it when it is a Zen ship. If anything there should be a benefit over the ones you get for free, just for hitting level 40 as KDF. The way I see it now, Fed's have weaker, less intelligent hangar pets and the Atrox itself is possibly the worst combat ship in the game. Even with threat control, you probably won't be doing enough damage to an enemy to pull it, so it being sort of tanky just doesn't cut it.

It seems like everything else in the game is sort of blending. KDF get Maco, Fed's get Honor Guard... Honestly I think that was a bad call. There are less KDF players and they removed one of the unique things that made KDF better in some way. How come they don't blend hangar pets? KDF gets the slavers to steal EC/Contraband, Power Siphon ships and Hull Repair drones, but the Fed's get what? Adv Stalkers? I would be completely fine with my weak, fragile, tiny little Advanced Stalkers... if they just didn't die from their own kills. I can understand a KDF hangar ship that just used ramming speed to explode into an enemy ship(Infact that would be pretty cool imo), but isn't the Federation supposed to care about life? Who would send wave after wave of little ships, knowing they would die if they killed something. It doesn't really make sense.

I can't imagine why Federation hangar pets are less intelligent than KDF ones, at least the little ones. Assuming the KDF and Fed AI scripts extend from the same base class, the only way they should be different in behavior is based on what weapons they are using. There should be no reason for them to cluster up on a specific point of an enemy ship and just sit there, unless the AI specifically told it to do that. The only way that would happen is if someone thought hey, that might be a good idea... or if its broken... I was really hoping in S7 we were going to get some better AI for the hangar ships.

Everything else in space combat is nicely done, assuming you accept the concept of an artificial horizon. The real options for hangar pets should be something like, Fall Back, Focus on a target, Split up and find your own target. I know that some of the AI buttons that come with carriers are supposed to do that, but they kind of don't get the job done too well. I regret buying an Atrox because of the hangar ship AI. I can deal with it being slow. I can deal with it not being able to turn at all. I can deal with it taking 10 seconds to get up to speed and take 10 seconds to stop... but if the main purpose of the ship is glitchy at best, it is a sad feeling.