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Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
If you are looking for damage dealing the Aventine and its console is great. If you can hold your target then crank aux to max with a batt you can roast a target with that quantum phaser. Its important to use phasers as your main weapon with that console since the phaser consoles boost the QFFP's damage.

If you are going to use the Aux phasers the Vesta might be the best since she has the +15 to Aux power, but she also has the AOE heal making her more of the support ship.

The Rademaker probably has the most useful console, its basically the Brace For Impact+Polarize Hull+Kinetic Feedback Pulse.
Personally I find the Vesta console (Fermion AOE heal) to be more useful, since I'm not great at tanking. I've saved my whole team more than once by popping it during the later waves of No Win Scenario, when everything's happening at close quarters and most of your people are clustered together defending the transport. And if you bought the Steamrunner and have its Team Fortress console equipped, you can practically make your team invincible for a short while.

The Rademaker's console is also cool, but is more situational and its reflect ability depends on actually getting the enemy to fire torpedoes at you, something you don't necessarily want unless you're aiming to tank. Plus, it also has a knockback effect (kind of like Tractor Repulsors) that can push enemies out of your Tyken rifts or Gravity wells and annoy your friends if poorly timed.

The Aventine's console is the least useful I find, since it depends on your particle generator skill and your aux power. As an Engi I don't have as many points in PG as a Sci, and I don't use the Aux cannons very often (I prefer broadside beams) which makes keeping a target in the forward arc for the duration of the strike kind of annoying.