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I do not believe in doing something behind someones back, I have always found that wrong. Anyways I fly a Bird of prey on my Klingon and a Tactical escort refit on my Federation character. The Defiant seems slower to turn and a little bit more resistance to it, in the area of survival. The bird of prey seems to have a much better turn rate but a little less resistance to it then the Defiant.

I am almost afraid to ask the question with all the bads in the Federation swarming these forums looking for any excuse to say the KDF is op, but I am going to ask. Should the Tactical escort refit have battle cloak? The thought is derived that they both rely heavily on hit and run tactics, neither one can stay in a sustained fight for very long. Especially when it comes to the Borg in a elite stf. Thoughts on this by the KDF? It is quite possibly I am missing something.

Both toons are tactical. Both ships are using rapid fire three, structural integrity one, engineering team one, transfer shield strength two, polarize hull one, attack pattern omega, mine attack pattern beta, two sets of tactical teams, and high yield torp two.

The KDF has torp spread 2
The FED has torp spread one with attack pattern delta.

Both have a kinetic resist armor with a ablative hull armor.

Strategy is I use the shield strength to boost the tact team. Polarize hull keeps tractor beams off me with is death to an escort. The mines when using the mine ability can lay down some serious damage.

So thoughts?
The Federation doesn't need a battlecloak.

The issue, really, is this: The Defiant has a cloak, and that cloak gives them the exact same element of surprise, and the exact same decloaking weapons buff. The ONLY difference is that the battlecloak can be activated before the Red Alert indicator goes away. While this is useful, it is extremely conditional. In most battle situations against competent PvPers, it's usually suicidal to cloak in the middle of a firefight. You have to first escape (again, not always easy against competent PvPers) and then cloak. You're basically only getting another 5-10 seconds over the Defiant. In exchange, the BoP is considerably more squishy than any other Federation escort, and traditionally has one tactical console slot less (though the Fleet Hoh'sus compensates for this nicely enough, the Fleet Defiant has 5 effing consoles).

In terms of ambushing, the Defiant is better. The main thing the BoPs have is the 'running' part, and again that's not 100%. So, perhaps you can see why BoP pilots like myself are rather bitter when it comes to discussions about battlecloaks. The uniqueness of the battlecloak to BoPs (with the exception of the Lifetime reward ship, which also has a battlecloak) is the only true advantage the BoPs have left, as the universal consoles aren't as great as they used to be.