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11-18-2012, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
No, the exchange will be filled by people turning their brains on and using doffjobs while using the doff system. Seriously, I never had any trouble making purples, season 7 didn't remove any free way to get it (it wasn't free) but it removed the easy, already overpriced (500 dil for a random geologist or warp theorist, seriously?), and inefficient system. They just made it even less efficient.

It won't change the game, except for people not willing to learn the doff mechanics.

Anyway the markets already gave their verdict: purple, blue and green doffs are worth nothing on the exchange. It means they have very little value for people, and indeed, I don't see the necessity of having purples, except for your active roster, since you don't need them as consumables anywhere. Tactical and security whites will still have some value but the rest will be completely ignored since purples get in everyday without any sink to balance that. More purples every day and no sink can't make them cost more.
Resorting to calling people who don't agree with you stupid, lazy or bad discredits your argument. You did this same thing in another thread, for the same reason. PWE made a change to the game, reducing Dil supply, to squeeze the playerbase for cash, and you were and are trying to defend them doing so.

It's a silly position to take, and resorting to insults to do so demonstrates just how little else there is for PWE reps to stand on.

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