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Originally Posted by thomas12255 View Post
Just play Starbase 24 for loot drops. Tour the Galaxy will give you 500k at least a day.

I can't believe some people think that we are entering an EC recession.
My last three Starbase 24 runs have earned me an average of 12k each. My best yet was a nice green deflector drop that went for 50k but that was more than a month back.

I've been playing for 3 months, I have never yet been online while tour the universe was available. Based on the schedule I doubt that I will have a chance to try it before 2013.

As best as I can tell, my only option to get EC is to pull it from other players via the market. I have, functionally, almost no ability to actually earn it in play.

Vendoring loot from running missions gets me about 30k/hour on my VA50 and 7k/hour on my lower alts at best, because time spent at the tailor, or setting up doff missions or travelling or running STFs or this or that or that other thing I earn nothing at all. I only have about 6 hours a week I get to play. With all the EC sinks, this past month I've been losing money over time not earning it. Since season 7, I've been bleeding money far faster than I earn it.

That said, I agree that putting loot back into the STFs is not the answer. Personally, to help the newer people like me I have a totally different suggestion: If they'd remove all consumable item drops from combat and replace them with white items, that would go a looooong way towards helping us newer players. When you loot an enemy and get something that vendors for 8ec (not 8k, just eight total) instead of a couple thousand... it's a sad feeling. I get somewhere around 4 consumables for every white item. This change would be enormous for those of us who don't get a lot of hours in-game and do like to play missions. and it doesn't rely on the STF.

Until then, I'm doing surveys for zen and selling keys haha.

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