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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
lol. you might be able to burst for 30k, but it doesn't mean you'll be able to sustain it. and if my "premise" is flawed, then tell me. would 8x heavy tricobalt torpedos not be considered stupidly overpowered? how about all the tricobalt mines they'll produce? let alone having them all fire at you with antiproton cannons. i know i can sustain stupid amounts of dps over any amount of time.

even if it weren't overpowered. think about the gamebreaking possibility. 5x carriers on a team, each equipped with 24 fighters, launching 24 torpedos. 120 fighters and 120 torpedos. or how about siphon drones? those suicide guys that ram your hull? imagine all the tractor beams. so tell me, how is my premise flawed?
Your premise is flawed very simply:

B:FAW. Scatter Volley. Torp Spread. Photonic Shockwave. Warp Plasma. If someone REALLY wanted to they could probably negate every torpedo, every mine, and probably kill MOST frigates. A team with a good coordination won't have any trouble with any of that (A smart Escort with Warp Plasma fools frigates into chasing, EWP. No torpedoes incoming, frigates are all but stopped and at the mersy of Scatter Volley/Torp Spread. GG). After that, all you have is five VERY slow vessels. I'm not saying it's not powerful, but it's not as strong as you think. Unless they made frigates, mines, and torpedoes permanently immune to all damage. Which they haven't. The frigates barely have phase shift.
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