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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
About that ...

Anyone remembers about the Klingon ... oh wait, they were never shown having any kind of fighters, let alone carriers.

Federation, yes (Federation Attack Fighter)
Romulan, yes (Scorpion)

Anyone else?

Sure, there are several Voyager entries on Memory Alpha, the closest the KDF gets a fighter is Enterprise's Orion Interceptor, that is 22th Century.

Feddies "stolen" from the KDF? no ... feddies got what they should always had, fighter craft because if anything the Federation Attack Fighter is cannon, the To'Duj is not, in fact the absence of KDF smallcraft can be found on the fact the Toron IS the only shuttle we seen the Klingons use.
I won't deny that the KDf was never shown with a carrier, but if you wanna play the 'canon and non-canon' card, ok then...

Vesta is technically non-canon, it only ever came from a book, so then why should it be in this game?

And nobody was ever shown, Fed, KDF, or Romulan, having a full-on carrier, ever, in a canon situation. The Scimitar held wings of Scorpion fighters, true, but we don't know how much of a 'carrier' it truly was then since it never used them in the movie.