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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
I won't deny that the KDf was never shown with a carrier, but if you wanna play the 'canon and non-canon' card, ok then...
You sure?

Vesta is technically non-canon, it only ever came from a book, so then why should it be in this game?
Its soft cannon, also it was requested and believe it or not I rather have a soft cannon late 2370's ship that a pre-TNG era ship.

And of course if we go down that route we start to go looking at the KDF shipyards were the large majority of those ships are also very soft since they were made for this game.

I only point out you cannot go up in arms about someone "stealing" that was never yours, the fact the KDF get carriers first does not mean they should forever locked out to the KDF faction ... or are you prepared to have BoPs as your side ONLY science ships?

And nobody was ever shown, Fed, KDF, or Romulan, having a full-on carrier, ever, in a canon situation. The Scimitar held wings of Scorpion fighters, true, but we don't know how much of a 'carrier' it truly was then since it never used them in the movie.
This is the same bankrupt argument I seen used pre-Atrox to argue against Federation having any kind of carriers, you can say we never shown anyone having a full-on carrier yet the first one was the Klingon Vo'quv (even if its called a Dreadnaught) as the Federation only have the Armitage as a carrier and its not a full-on, the Vesta hangar makes its unsuitable to operate as a carrier.

Its bankrupt because those fighters existed and so must have been based somewhere, it not difficult to make a connection to some support ship-class we never seen being their base, this is speculation true but the connection can be made.