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11-18-2012, 08:57 PM
Over the top torps from the Borg are one thing. That's a problem.

The crap UI in this game is another. On any ship that I can, I have two tac teams and two EPTS chained together on the same key bind.

Unfortunately, I think its about 50/50 if any of it will work. Say the Borg hit me and a shield facing goes down. I hit the keybind twice which should mean I have tac team and EPTS going. But since the UI is utter crap, it never engages right and I blow up with that second magical Borg hit.

And its not just this, put scatter volley and cannon rapid fire on the same keybind. I bet you they will see both cooldown to 15 seconds each most of the time without the Energy weapons doffs that reset those quicker because the UI is retadred and just sets them both at the same time.

If Cryptic wants to make the Borg harder, I'm cool with it. But they need to fix the UI problems on our end at the same time. Seriously, most of this crap has sat on the back burner for 3 years. The UI problems I mentioned just make fighting the Borg even more frustrating then they already are and those have got even worse now that my rewards are some dilithium, a BNP, and some marks. Its so damn anticlimactic now.