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11-18-2012, 09:38 PM
USS Atlantic, Defiant-class. First name that came when I loaded up my Sao Paulo refit with my first character upon reaching level 30, and I thought I would keep it going for the T5 Defiant retrofit. I liked the sound of it.

USS Indefatigable, Excelsior-class Lakotra retrofit. Named after a Horatio Hornblower ship. Was my eng's ship, replaced it with...

USS Armstrong, Sovereign-class Regent refit. I bought this ship and named it on the same day that Neil Armstrong passed away.

USS Callisto, Luna-class. Follows the Luna-class naming conventions. Was my science character's ship, until I replaced it with...

USS Endeavour, Intrepid-class. I prefer the Intrepid-class in terms of looks and performance compared to the Luna. Named after the ship that Captain Cook commanded when he landed on Australia (I'm an Aussie).


IKS Kortovar, B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey. Just came up with a name that sounded good to my ears, that sounded 'klingon'.

IKS Gra'kor, Vorcha-class Attack Cruiser. Same as above.