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# 1 My review of Season 7
11-18-2012, 10:12 PM
Season 7 has a lot of bells and whistles and horn blowing pre game launch. This even made me feel a little excited about the release.

After doing some in game playing for a handful of hours this is what I feel about season 7.

1. The new world of New Romulus is a dynamic and exciting place to explore. This newness wears off in about 15 minutes when reality sets in. You are Starfleets finest sent on an errand of mercy to New Romulus and are asked to collect rocks and water samples and breed rodents. I did enjoy the first plot opening up with tier 1 Romulan faction.

2. The new content for each planet(sector space) is nice and can shoose to be Diplomatic or guns going in blazing......Not real sure if you intened the Acamarian diplomacy to be completed in 5 seconds and be repeatbanle so fast that 100% can be achieved in under 2 mimutes for you daily.

3. STF's Both new STF's are ok. The voice acting is atrocious. The completion of a story that has taken years to complete but it now almost done is exciting. The poison is the lacl ok any real rewards that reward someone for a truly daunting and tough StF......dillithium and Omegas aside......noone, in my opinion, is goinig to do them over and over when there are much easier ones to complete ..ESPECIALLy when the reards for both are so similiar.

4. I am a veteran of many MMO's and have noticed that content in this game is very light and insubstantial at times especially with seasons being launched. In my opinion you need to double your efforts and pump the content out least try to keep up with other MMO"s who release mega gigantic content at least 1-2 times years at best.

5. The Dilithium debacle......I was perfectly fine with no dilithium in STF's and your returning them to STF's was a pleasant addition although unecessary to me but it did appease others who seemed to be very upset. STF's have become a truely mindless and numbing event now that there are no instant rewards like the previous season had at the end minus the dilithium and prototype gear. IMO this is end content and there needs to be some immediate small rewards like gear for EDC or gear to sell or wear.

6. The Starbase grind in faction building....I find this style to be a truely lazy way to achieve status amongst the Romulans and Omega faction. One day of work to get the various items needed and a cooldown of 24+ hours? I would almost rather have it like they do in EQ2....Kill a mob gain 1 poinit of least u see progress for everything you do...This slow unimaginative crawl towards each tier drives me crazy.

7. Same ol bugs that have been here since the earliest days. Fleet Actions are truely tedious....and they died out pretty much. Why introduce them again with dilithium but not work to rectify the age ol bug of being booted from a zone before you start......the bugginess of certain mobs in the Fleet actions like stinks of a lack of creativity and motivation and I believe it is an attempt to focus on old content because in truth there is no real content this season that is notewrothy. The newer fleet content that rewards Fleet marks and romulan marks are not much better and I find it absolutely boring running after 1 point here and 3 points there hoping a 5 pointer pops up.....or the tholian ships that make webs that magically complete itself even if you kill the tholians who are building it.......only to have the whole web fail in the end..or better yet have the commander blow the web up himself not needing you to destroy it at all.......pfft

In the end I find that the new content is wholly insubstantial and lacks any real substance to be called a season at all.

When it boils down to it...STo Season 7 is all about New Romulus and there is scarcely enough content to even call this a SEASON..more like an EPISODE.
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