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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
That's adding fuel on the fire.
That's not my intent. If people perceive it that way then I apologise.

Originally Posted by momaw View Post
And if they are? Who cares? If I have more disposable time than Joe Smith who only plays half an hour each Monday after dinner, what possible basis is there for slowing me down to his pace?
But Joe Smith has been slowed down as well. The only way he can achieve your pace is by playing the same or more hours than you.

Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I am mk12 with optionals space
I am mk12 with optionals ground

Now I have to be gated thru the process
And PAY for the pain

Why should I not be angry or feel resentment
Why? Because until now you've had it better than any other game I can think of. STO has been far more generous than other games by giving you more goodies faster than you probably should have been given them.

Why can't you appreciate that fact and be happy that you had such a good run? Why maintain a sense of entitlement? Why should you have more than other MMO players?

For argument's sake, let's assume that season 7 actually benefits the game and leads to a stronger STO future. Would you still prefer season 7 to be dialled back just so you can gather more dilithium?